While we’ve always known that what we eat and lack of exercise impacts on our weight and how we look, latest research indicates there could be other factors we need to consider. Increased awareness of the influence of environmental toxicity means a healthy system of elimination is more important than ever. Change your body’s ability to experience sustained weight loss and good health through regular cleansing and detox – and a little help from Modere.

Dysbiotic organisms and waste from the digestive system could be part of the problem. Choose products designed to help flush away the waste via the body’s elimination system. Help the balance of gut flora and healthy bacteria through replenishing. Address any nutritional imbalances, reduce oxidative stress and enhance your liver function.

It’s much easier than it sounds when you start with Health & Wellness products from Modere.

You’ll need to make sure you keep (or start) moving with as little of 30 minutes exercise a day and a little attention to what you put into your body.

Make sure your diet focuses on low GI and low-allergenic foods and reduces starchy carbs so that the fuel you consume helps give you the body you want to have.

Take a look at the Phase 1 Food List for the Modere Weight Management Booklet for a guide to specific detoxification diet designed to help.

Removing the starchy carbs from your diet is a must. Our bodies have limited ability to process starchy carbs and all that excess energy is quickly converted to sugars – which trigger blood sugar spikes – or is stored as fat within the body.

Combine your chosen Modere products with your efforts and you’re well on they way to a healthier you.

Give it a go. Live clean.


Remove grains for 8 weeks, rediscover a leaner and more vital you – and get ready for the compliments!

Remember, healthy should be tasty and easy! Try this Modere Detox Smoothie recipe – it’s part of the Phase 1 Detox Diet!

Modere Detox Smoothie
1 fresh (not green) coconut
120mL chilled fresh coconut water
2 heaped tablespoons Chocolate Shake Pea Protein
Pinch of organic cinnamon and nutmeg
Desired amount of ice
Optional – 1 scoop of Green Qi and 1 scoop of Modere Fibre

Remove any husk from the coconut and drain it – keep the water!
Crack the coconut in half and then scrape the coconut flesh out with a large metal spoon.
Add half the coconut flesh into a blender.
Add 120 mL of the coconut water if too sweet and half of the coconut flesh.
Add the Chocolate Shake Pea Protein (plus optional ingredients), blend for 1-2 minutes until you get to your desired consistency.

Get fancy if you want – serve it in a coconut shell – Enjoy!