Our mineral mascara is a very special formulation without any of the usual ingredient ‘nasties’ so there a few little tips and tricks you need to ensure you get luscious lashes that every girl deserves.

For example, without any nasty silicones and quick-drying agents you are going to need to know that it takes a little longer to dry so you will need to allow a couple of minutes in between coats. It’s a buildable formula though so use that to your advantage and move from your day look all the way through to an evening look with ease.

Some of our makeup artist Sarah’s tips include:

1. Leave the first coat to dry and then apply another coat over the top: more the layers you apply the more drama you can have with your makeup
2. Rotate the brush as you apply it so you utilise all of the mascara on each side of wand
3. Curl your lashes before applying mascara for a touch of glamour on a special occasion

Watch The Lush Lash makeup tutorial above for more tips.

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