Foundation can be a tricky choice to make… almost as hard as a life partner! You want one that sticks by you even when you might change month to month, season to season… you want one that understands you may feel differently from time to time. One that just feels right and ultimately one that amplifies your own beauty. Our Modere Colour Mineral Liquid Foundation and Mineral Pressed Foundation are the right fit – and both are versatile enough to always have your back.

Here are some of our Brand Manager and Colour Creator Sonja’s tips for choosing the right foundation:

  1. Everyone’s usual go-to when trying to match their foundation to their skin tone is on their neck but your neck is generally a much lighter shade than your face and body. When you’re ready to choose, test any shade on your jaw but match it to your décolletage rather than your neck. Also, it helps to test in a couple of areas – perhaps try the back of your hand or the inside of your arm to make sure you are choosing the right colour for you.
  2. Remember with Summer fast approaching, if you are someone who tans up easily, keep in mind that you can go a slightly darker foundation shade because you will naturally bronze up in those warmer months. Just remember to blend into your hairline and around your jawline really well – nothing worse than visible foundation lines!
  3. In the cooler months, if you have lighter skin, make sure you don’t choose a colour that will make you look too pale. It can be tricky when you have very fair skin and match your foundation perfectly but end up looking really washed out. If that’s the case, make sure you use our Modere Colour Bronzer to warm up your face and Cheek colour to bring a little life into those apples.
  4. It’s not enough to focus only on the colour when trying to choose the right foundation for you – remember to take your skin type into consideration too. If you have an oilier skin type, you would probably prefer the feel of our Modere Colour Mineral Pressed Foundation which will give you a lovely suede finish on the skin and will last the entire day. If you have a drier skin, our Pressed Foundation may be too drying so you will want to choose our Mineral Liquid Foundation for a dewier finish and it’s hydrating properties. If you don’t want a dewy complexion, you can always finish with a light dusting of our Pressed Foundation using a big fluffy brush to give you a more matte look. This is also a handy tip to remember for those days when you need a long-lasting coverage or a big night out with a fancy-pants makeup look!

At the end of the day, it’s all about trying it out, playing around and seeing what the right fit is for you!