The M3 Pledge is a Mediterranean-inspired weight loss program recently launched in Australia, that simplifies the weight loss journey.

M3 is a 12-week challenge like no other. It involves no points counting or meal replacements, and is designed to create sustainable healthy habits.

To celebrate the successful results of M3 users, Modere has created the Lost & Found competition. The prize? A Getaway to sunny Santorini.

Entrants submit a ‘before’ and ‘after’ of their 12-week challenge, for the chance to be whisked away to the stunning Mediterranean island of Santorini.

The competition finishes on 14 February, so start your pledge in November to qualify.

Focusing on ‘real food for real people who want real change’, the M3 program is a combination of a Mediterranean eating plan, supplements designed to boost the benefits of the diet, and healthy choices such as hitting step targets or drinking more water.

It starts by helping you make intelligent choices that fit your own personal needs.

 How does M3 work?

Take three: M3 comes with three supercharged supplements that are designed to help your body manage energy levels, snacking and cravings. These supplements have natural active ingredients such as a unique citrus extract, green tea extract, coffee extract, pea protein and whole oat bran. The supplements are versatile, meaning variety isn’t an issue.

Make three: Choose three out of five healthy lifestyle behaviours. Creating sustainable, healthy changes in day-to-day life, you can opt to drink more water, reach 10,000 steps each day, avoid fried foods, minimise sugary drinks, or cut out white carbs. You’ll be supported by Modere along the way.

Do it for three: stick to the meal plan, supporting supplements, and healthy habits for three months. After doing the 12-week transformation challenge, you’ll have developed a routine and incorporated healthy behaviours in your day.

The Mediterranean diet that inspired Modere’s M3 has often been described as the best diet to lose weight. Over 50 years of extensive studies suggest that the Mediterranean diet is directly correlated with good health.

It is a diet with variety, and it can even be maintained through the festive season, because the meals are not only healthy, but delicious. Included in the M3 weight loss eating plan are meals like Italian meatloaf, zucchini and sweet potato slice, guacamole, and stuffed chicken breast.

But the benefits go beyond weight loss. Maintaining a Mediterranean diet can also increase energy levels, and improve your health in other ways.

The beauty of M3 is that is takes this globally-successful diet, and plans it for you, as well as adding supporting supplements and guiding you through manageable lifestyle changes for better health.

Take the pledge this week and enter here.

Terms and conditions available here. Eligibility criteria apply.