That crazy cat Gwyneth Paltrow (love her!) has been at it again, giving Webster’s Dictionary a run for their money by creating a new phrase – Clean Sleeping.

We are all about living clean here at Modere, so the idea of sleeping clean was one we most certainly needed to investigate!

In Goop Clean Beauty, Gwynny and the editors of Goop share their tips for better sleep:

  • Try and go to sleep and wake at the same time every day
  • Spend time outside during the day
  • Turn it off: your laptop, the TV, your phone
  • If you need a caffeine hit, make sure it’s in the morning

Sleep, uninterrupted, is one of the most important functions our body can do. “During sleep the brain rests and processes the day’s thoughts, learning and activities. During sleep, the body repairs itself and detoxifies from all it is exposed to during a long, busy day” (Goop Clean Beauty).

That being said, perhaps there is also something to be said for the good old Spanish Siesta – another invention we can take away from those beautiful Mediterranean’s.

Whilst we’re not encouraging everyone to take ten and get their nap on in the arvo, it perhaps showcases more the need to be mindful of sleep – how much we are getting, when we are getting it and how deep we go.

Plus our Sleep with lavender and Roman chamomile can’t hurt either!


Check out our This Clean Life digital magazine article on The Importance of Sleep for some yoga poses that are great to do just before bedtime to help you get in a calm and relaxed mindset.