The philosopher Laozi famously said ‘A journey of a thousand miles starts with a first step’. At Modere, we’ve taken a first step toward making our operations carbon neutral.

We’re proud to say that we’ve just offset 175 tonnes of the greenhouse gas emissions through purchasing carbon credits. The carbon we’ve produced as part of our operations is now tied up in trees growing in a Tasmanian forest!

Specifically, we’re helping to preserve native forests from logging activities in Tasmania. Not only does this preserve natural habitat for all species, it also enables the plants within the area to continue acting as living removers of carbon from the atmosphere.

The result is cleaner air, a contribution towards minimising our environmental impact, a move towards a low carbon economy and another weapon in the fight against climate change.

It is also a way to ensure our Healthy Homes message benefits everyone who shares this planet.

And we believe that in addition to breathing a little easier, we can all be very proud of that.

Live Clean with Modere!

Modere - Live Clean