We sat down with our Brand Manager – Personal Care and newly crowned Queen of Colour, Sonja Dunbar, to talk all things Limited Edition and get a sneak peek of the main line to come in 2017.

How does it feel to have the Limited Edition range out in the world and available to everyone?
I do feel happy to have heard such great feedback from everyone now that it is out. They love the products, the quality, and the colours. All the things that we were excited about but it just gives you the extra confidence that we are on the right track with the main line.

What was the inspiration behind the Limited Edition products and colours?
Like any limited edition, it always has a story and it is always a limited offering. I didn’t want it to be the staples that will be in the main line. It was always going to be colour. We were talking about how it would be launched right at the start of our Australian summer and that got us talking about summertime, the gorgeous Christmas parties we go to and how lovely summer is. That made us think of our favourite summers and I was joking about the summer I fell in love and that’s where it all came from. That beautiful summer romance – innocent, fun, girly…well for me it was anyway! I loved falling in love!

What is your favourite product?
I love them all for different reasons. I love the Secret Admirer cheek colour. It is a peachy pink colour that suits a lot of skin tones and I think everyone will really like it. If I’m feeling a little flat, I always put a little more cheek colour and it livens up my face. It’s fresh and really youthful.

Did you have a woman in mind when developing the range?
Well I was probably a little selfish because I thought of myself the whole time! My benchmark was ‘would I wear this colour’ ‘cos I’m super fussy! I also kept in mind everyone I have met with Modere so far and the women want clean makeup but they want beautiful product as well so the bench mark was pretty high. I kept in mind that I have met girls that are 13 using Modere and I have met women who are 73 using Modere. I knew it had to cover all the bases.

Can you give a little bit away of what people can expect with the main line?
It will be a full offering so it will cover all your bases – foundations, eyeshadows, cheek colours, lipsticks, lip glosses, all the liners you need. The primer is divine! It’s got aloe in it so it’s really soothing and really beautiful for skin as the perfect base. There are 12 eyeshadows and 12 lipsticks to start and I’m hoping to build the range so everyone needs to get behind it and on board so that we can keep expanding the story!

Sonja will be back LIVE on our Modere Australia Facebook Wednesday November 9 at 6.00pm to go through the Limited Edition Colour range so if you have any questions about the Limited Edition range and how to use them, get them in before then on our Facebook page using #AskModereNZ.