Our Flawless Face look is all about giving you the steps you need to make sure you have the best base for you to add your Colour onto… Or use this easy step by step guide to the perfect foundation application, then add some mascara and lip gloss and you’re good to go!

  1. Look after your skin 
    The key to a good foundation application is the condition of your skin underneath. So don’t forget that you need to look after your skin too! Don’t go to bed with makeup on. Exfoliate regularly. Hydrate with moisturiser and make sure you are drinking enough water
  2. Prime, prime, prime
    Primer is the perfect barrier between your skin and your foundation. Your foundation will last all day long because your skin isn’t drinking up all the moisture in the foundation.</li?
  3. Liquid Mineral Foundation
    Create a light finish for this everyday look by using our beauty blender that you can then build upon. Check out our Tips To Choose Right the Foundation to help you chose your foundation.
  4. Pressed Mineral Foundation
    Add a light dusting of our Mineral Pressed Foundation through the T Zone to absorb any excess oils and give a lovely silky finished.

Now shop the look! Here’s what you need:

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