A lot of people get really nervous about using cheek colour – where to apply, how much to use and even what colour suits. Contouring and highlighting can also be a tricky trend to follow, so we have put together some cheeky tips from our makeup artist Sarah for you to try at home:

1. Tap the brush into the palm of your hand or the back of your hand to remove excess blush so you don’t add too much Colour onto the cheek

2. Apply slightly to the right of the iris. That way you have lots of room to blend.

3. Use Posie as a highlight colour and apply a small amount right to the top of the cheekbone and blend into the hairline and

4. Dust a small amount of Posie down the centre of the nose and with your little finger, dust a little on your cupid’s bow which gives your makeup a really nice pop

5. Use our Modere Colour Mineral Pressed Foundation for contouring to add an under cheek shadow look

Check out The Cheeky Cheeks tutorial above to get the look…

Now shop the look! Here’s what you need:

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