It’s that time of the year that parents love and kids (as well as some teachers!) dread – back to school! After the joy of a long adventurous summer, it’s back to routine, learning, lessons and planning for success. No matter if you’re a student, parent or carer; here are some healthy back to school tips to help you get back into the swing of things in a hassle free manner.

  1. Get to bed on time

When you’re in holiday mode, it’s tempting to throw all routine out the window – especially bedtime. It can take time to break the ‘stay up late’ habit, so it’s best to readjust your schedule before school starts. A good night’s sleep is better for both parents and students – everyone can focus and perform better at home and at school.

  1. Say ‘no’ to the snooze button!

We know, just five minutes more. And another five. And another. Don’t. We know how tempting it is to keep hitting that button and how it can be to get out of bead after an extended break. The sooner you get into a routine though, the easier, and more stress free, it will be. Try putting your alarm out of reach, if you have to get out of bed to turn it off, you’ll already be up and ready to start the day.

  1. Pack a healthy lunch

While most schools are conscientious about the food they provide from the canteen, if you can, pack a healthy lunch from home. The good food habits you establish now can last a lifetime. Involve the family in making lunches, basic kitchen skills are another great lesson to pass on! Fuelling a growing mind and body with the best possible foods is as important as schooling itself. Ensure there is a protein component along with fruit, dairy and plenty of water. Do your best to eliminate processed and sugary foods.

  1. Bike or walk to school

Where possible, cycle or walk to school. It’s great exercise for all the family. We appreciate there are many instances where this is not an option, but it’s a great opportunity to get some fresh air and prepare for the day.

  1. Go for an evening walk

When the pressures of work and school combine, spending family time can be quite a juggling act. A family walk before or after dinner a couple times a week is a perfect opportunity for togetherness, unwinding and reflecting on the day. A stroll can provide a new environment to ask the ‘What did you learn today?’ question and help keep the lines of communication open in all directions.

  1. Take micro breaks

Homework and studying, particularly for older students, is part and parcel of the school year. And don’t the kids just love it? All jokes aside, it’s serious business and can be a source of friction in the home. Try breaking the study session up by tackling one task or subject at a time then taking a micro break. Studies have shown that taking these short breaks, even as short at 30 seconds, can increase productivity by up to 13%!

  1. Plan ‘you’ time

All work and no play? Trust us, it’s a recipe for disaster. When the weekend rolls around, don’t let the stress of the school week carry on. Sure, there will be weekends when homework, study and assignments will need to be done; but make sure you plan activities once a week or a couple times a month to really disconnect from school, have a little fun and recharge your brain. (This goes for parents with the responsibilities of work and home too!). Try something physical such as swimming, bike riding or walking. Get together with friends and have a laugh.

  1. Live clean

The Modere range has a selection of products to use in your body, on your body and in your home to help enhance your lifestyle and health. A healthy mind and a healthy body is the most precious of all possessions, and learning the lessons of a healthy lifestyle and ‘living clean’ from a young age will help every student reach their full potential.