Trying to lose weight but don’t want to miss out on all the joys of summer and the festive season? Here’s the good news: You don’t have to skip the fun occasions to reach your weight loss goals.

The holiday period is a great time to catch up with friends, share meals with family, and enjoy the finer things. While this is great for the soul, the changes to both routine and diet that happen during this time can be challenging for both our waistline and our energy levels.

Preparing early, with a weight loss plan and some strategies to manage temptation, is a fantastic way to make sure you’re heading into the holidays relaxed and confident, instead of worrying about extra kilos.

For informal social situations, you can offer to host at your place with a healthy fare or choose an active way to socialise, like hitting the beach or checking out your nearest botanical gardens.

Christmas also comes with fun ways to stay on top of your healthy habits. Keep your steps up by going for a walk to look at Christmas lights. Add strawberry and mint to your water to stay hydrated with a festive touch (and some extra potassium).

There are even healthy ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Go dancing with some friends – you’ll be amazed at how many steps you’ll do.

Modere’s top tips for looking after yourself in the holidays:

Get into good habits now
The best way to avoid the ‘festive 15’ is to prepare early. Get started on a weight loss plan before holiday mode sets in, and you’ll be more likely to keep on top of your choices when tempted by lavish dinners and desserts.

Start your day on the right foot
Squeeze in a walk before any other plans. This will keep you energised for the activities of the holidays, and remind you to be conscious of your health and your goals throughout the day. Challenge yourself to find a new favourite park or walking track in your local area.

Position yourself wisely
If you’re at the corporate Christmas party or any event with grazing plates of food, scope out the healthiest plate and stand nearby. You’ll go for the crudités over the fries as you get hungry, and your body will thank you.

Bring a plate
Beyond being a courteous guest, bringing a dish or two to share can also be a fail-proof plan for your health. Choose a savory and a sweet, and you’re guaranteed a healthy choice at each course. Try this Mediterranean salad and these passionfruit chia puddings.

Choose your drinks with care
Don’t forget how much sugar can be in sweet drinks and alcohol. Where possible, opt for sparkling water. If you’re celebrating with a drink or two, keep in mind the sugar content, and make sure you stay hydrated as well.

What’s most important is finding a balance between enjoyment and celebration, and achieving your long-term weight loss goals.

Having a weight loss plan that you can stick to is an important part of achieving results.

Modere’s realistic and simple weight management pledge, M3, offers sustainable lifestyle changes and supplements, that can support you in reaching your goals.

Take the pledge now and get started before the holiday season begins.