While there are a vast number of triathletes out there, both professional and amateur, when it comes to those who shine as both competitor and all round great guy; we have to admit there’s only one for us – and that’s the Modere sponsored professional triathlete Josh Amberger.

Brisbane based Josh is a swim bike specialist who has travelled the world, enjoys a good cup of coffee and loves to share his praise of the Modere products he takes as part of his daily training regimen – so what’s not to like!

We caught up with Josh recently while he was between competitions and he talked about the rigours of training, travelling, competing and how Modere helps him to be the best he can be.

Josh Amberger

‘It has been 10 years since I started on Modere products, and I’ve been benefiting from the regular use of their health and wellness range ever since. Initially, I was 16 and trying to raise my energy levels while recovering from a debilitating bout of glandular fever.

‘Now, I’m 26 and trying to realise my full potential and take on the world in elite triathlon. With Modere, I have found that no matter the obstacle or challenge, there’s a product in their range that can help me achieve my goals and remain in peak shape and wellness. I train up to 30 hours a week in swimming, cycling and running, and push my body to the limits in order to improve.

‘I rely on a range of Modere products to keep my energy up, and recovery fast and effective. My daily routine of Modere supplements includes Endurance, Antioxidant, Immune Health, EFA Krill and Adult Multivitamin. I also benefit regularly from products such as Cell Nutrition and Green Qi.

‘I train as hard as I can, and can rely on Modere products to work just as hard as I do too. I believe in the products, and look forward to having Modere in my corner for the years to come as I strive to become number 1 in the world in Ironman 70.3, and Ironman triathlon.

‘Look out for me in the upcoming races in October, November and December; Port Macquarie 70.3, Nepean Triathlon, Noosa Triathlon, Western Sydney 70.3 and Bahrain 70.3.’

Modere Products

We believe with Josh’s determination, drive and a little help from us, his goals are within his reach! If you want to know more about Josh and keep up with his competitions and results, please check out his personal website at www.josh-amberger.com


IRONMAN Asia-Pacific – Photography by Delly Carr