Stylish. Safe. Smart.

That’s the defining ethos of Modere. We make products that define and simplify the modern lifestyle. We make products that improve and innovate. We make products that inspire. Modere is, simply put, more than a brand.

We are a lifestyle.

Our Men’s range is an extension of that lifestyle we epitomise. Take a few tips and hints from us on what it means to be a Modere Man with what a typical daily agenda would look like, for the gentleman in your life.

In The AM

Wake up, hold the coffee, thanks. You have an Energy Shot instead.

A shower is in order. You turn on the hot shower, and reach for our Men’s Body Wash. Jojoba oils and coconut-derived surfactants combine their unique powers to basically high five all over your body. Lather up and Live Clean.

But the bliss isn’t over. Modere™ Men’s Shampoo awaits. It contains good stuff like lemon and sugar cane extract to preserve your natural oils and keep your mane smelling manly at the same time.

You’re almost primed to take on the day.

You leave the sacred sanctuary of the shower. You sculpt your hair with our Men’s Hair Styling Cream. A masterpiece, indeed.

Our Toothpaste leaves your mouth feeling and smelling pepperminty fresh. You take a capful of our Mouth Rinse to add some pep in your step.


Take our Focus.

In The PM.

A bit of stubble appears, but no worries. You discover Modere™ Men’s Shaving Cream with shea and macadamia oils with oat bran and ginger extracts along with allantoin to help reduce irritation, retain moisture and give even the hardest man the softest touch.

Top it off with Modere™ Post-Shave Balm, ormulated with aloe vera and shea butter to soften, moisturise and soothe tender, freshly de-whiskered skin.

A day well spent.

You know your journey is not yet complete, for tomorrow is another day to achieve great things.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.