Weight loss is such a personal journey. There are many reasons why people are the way they are. Some are completely happy, others are looking for a change. Many have tried a million things and given up. Some things worked. Some didn’t.

For the launch of M3, we wanted to go beyond the before and after photos and the numbers on the scale. We know our system works, but we wanted to share not only how much it works for real life people but how it can change their lives for the better.

So the Lost and Found Series was born with a group of fearless ambassadors. With the series, we don’t want people to focus on the scales, on the tape measure or what they see in the mirror, but on how they feel. Part of this M3 journey and taking the pledge is to look at what can be lost but also to focus on all the amazing things you can find: your self-confidence, love, energy, being able to run around and play with your kids, to find yourself again…and maybe even that hot husband!

What are the things in your weight loss journey that you want to find?

Our 7 real life Ambassadors represent a diverse section of our community that are struggling with their weight. Men and women from 24 to 62: The True Romantic. The Bride-to-Be. The Devoted Working Dad. The Doting Grandmother. The Driven Professional. The Community Minded Good Guy. The Dedicated Single Mum. Follow them on their journeys.

Perhaps you’re ready to start your own journey? Share with us on our Facebook page what you hope to lose, but more importantly, what you hope to find using #lostandfoundseries

Nicole, our 40 year old midwife and ‘The Dedicated Single Mum’, nailed it beautifully.

 “When you have a moment to reflect on what you want to find, you often have to reflect on what you’ve lost”.

Our Lost and Found Ambassadors have been honest and vulnerable. Many of us are on the same journey so we can understand what it would take to bare your soul. Watch on as you see them transform and find themselves again.

August 2017 #m3lostandfoundseries