Most of the conversations we have on Christmas Day do have a tendency to revolve around food; be it making food…the price of food…who’s bringing food…has everyone had enough food?

Well, the answer to that last one is almost always “Absolutely”! In fact there’s more often than not way too much food on the table. This then leads the conversation down the path of<em>…I’ve got to loosen my belt…I’m never eating that many prawns again…That last bit of Yorkshire pudding tipped me over the edge…I won’t need to eat for a week…</em>that is until a sneaky, irresistible Aussie pav makes it way to the table setting leaving those outspoken guests to eat more than just their words.

If you’re hosting or bringing food along for the Chrissy spread, it doesn’t have to be a stressful, overindulged experience. In fact it’s much more enjoyable if it’s not. The Christmas spirit is all about giving and sharing what you’re grateful for, and believe us when we say that everyone will be grateful if you bring along one of these healthier recipe options below.

<strong>A quick dip by the pool anyone?</strong>

Whether you’re lucky enough to be splashing about in a pool or playing with the latest slip ‘n’ slide in the backyard, this fresh and zingy Modere Hummus recipe is bound to prove its popularity and get the party started. Pair it with neatly chopped carrot, celery and cucumber sticks and you’ve got yourself a healthier start.
600gm of drained chickpeas rinsed or soak dry chickpeas overnight then cook
3 garlic cloves
50mL organic coconut oil
1 tbs tahini paste
1 tsp ground cumin
Juice of 1 lemon
In a food processor add chickpeas, garlic, coconut oil, tahini paste, cumin and lemon juice until smooth.
Depending on thickness you can add ¼ cup (60ml) of water and blend again.
Garnish with sweet paprika

Watch the impressed guests!

<strong>A berry tasty option</strong>

On a hot Christmas Day there’s nothing more refreshing than a chilled medley of your favourite berries topped with a generous scoop of Modere PPX Fudge:

1 tbs Chocolate Shake Pea Protein
2 tsp organic cacao
Mix with 100mL of unsweetened soy milk or A2 milk till fudge like consistency.
Add to your favourite berry mix.

Give yourself a pat on the back for taking the healthier option. Find more Modere recipes here.

We have been fan girl-ing over The Merrymaker Sisters for some time now. They are also big fans of living clean over the holiday season, particularly when it comes to the ever crowd pleasing Healthy Christmas Fruit Mince Pies. We thought it time to get baking and make a batch for ourselves which were quickly consumed by everyone in the office. Check out their delicious recipe here and watch in amazement as you trick your guests into eating something healthier than they what first thought!

And no matter what you’re going to be doing or where you will be, take the time to enjoy your Christmas Day, and always spare a thought for those who have no one to be with or are less fortunate at this often over-hyped time of year.