If you have glanced at our catalogue, you may have noticed a phrase you’ve never seen before: Modern Health, Natural Beauty. It’s right there on the cover. But what does it mean?

We are not a new company, but Modere is a new brand, and a new look for us. As we have begun to grow into our new brand, we have simultaneously been searching for a way to describe our outlook using just a few words.

Modern health and natural beauty are the two key concepts that have come out of that search.

Today, everyone seems to understand that good health is more than a box your doctor checks every year during your physical; you have to acquire health in order to be healthy. And getting healthy is more than taking medicine when you’re sick – it takes eating right and exercising your body and mind, and living in a healthy environment. We believe this notion has a name: modern health.

We have a broader offering than many brands, one that stretches across your entire lifestyle, from your home to your nutrition and your personal care. And no one else is bringing you the same quality home care, personal care, and nutrition, all under a strict philosophy of safer formulation.

The reason we do all of this is simple: we believe in the pursuit of modern health. Our mission is to provide premium products that help to remove potentially toxic and controversial chemicals from your life, and we believe that by eliminating these toxins from as many parts of your life as you can, you’ll live happier, healthier, and longer. Can we prove that, quantifiably? Not in so few words. But if you think about all the published research and the stories you hear every day about avoiding processed foods, improving our air quality, and steering clear of carcinogenic chemicals, you already know it to be true.

So where does natural beauty fit in? Well, we don’t believe you should sacrifice your long-term health in order to look and feel your best. Our personal care formulas are designed to enhance, preserve, and protect your appearance without exposing you to possible harm. But the second part of natural beauty isn’t about looks. A big part of our history revolves around saying and doing what we believe, regardless of convention, and we take issue with the idea that our society often passes judgment on people purely by what’s on the surface. We believe that what’s inside you matters, and that while looking your best is important, true beauty can only come from within you. When you live a healthy life, taking care of yourself inside and outside, it shows. That’s a kind of beauty you’ll never see on a magazine cover. You’re achieving real beauty – natural beauty.

We can’t control everything in this world, nor would we want to. After all, what is a reward without the risk? We just want to make your life better, and we’re doing all we can to make it happen.